Austin Bossard

My sweet baby Austin, I have been so blessed to be your mom these last 18 years.  God is doing amazing things through you and with you.  Your drive and determination through your school career has been amazing to watch.  While you were open to other schools Auburn was always your dream.  The morning you called me and told me you received a 34 on your ACT made that dream a reality.  I have loved watching you grow through your high school years, from football, to being a leader in both First Priority and Fellowship of Christian athletes, to the amazing friendships God placed in your life.  Out of everything you have accomplished the day your football coach sent me a picture of you preaching a lesson to the football team is my favorite.  You are firm in your relationship with Christ and together with Him you will do amazing things in this world.  I love you BIG MUCH buddy.  With love from your biggest fan- Mommy.