Jacob Donoian


It feels like yesterday that we dropped you off at the K1 center with tear filled eyes wondering what life as a young Fairhope Pirate would be like for you. You got into the routine of the classroom in no time and it did not take long for you to make great friends who to this day are some of your best pals. As the years went by your competitiveness nature started to develop and we could see it not only in the classroom but also in the sports that you played. You always wanted to do your best at whatever it was that you did. We saw that shine from your middle school years by being selected as Academic Athlete of the Year to the Team Captain award for your senior year on the football team, to also being accepted into NHS. It has always made us so proud to hear about your selflessness and willingness to help your teachers, classmates and teammates. We are also so proud of your spiritual journey and how you have not let other things get in the way of participating at Church and being involved with FCA and Young Life. The opportunities ahead of you are endless!! We love you and are so proud of all your accomplishments up to this point and cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you!

We are and always will be your biggest fans!

Love, Mom, Dad, Kaitlyn, Marlee