Can Seniors still have a great year?

Does senior year look different to you? Do seniors feel prepared for college? Do they still get pep rallies, prom, and more? Keep reading to hear student perspectives.

I spoke with several senior students about all the things running through their head. I first asked how they felt about wearing a mask all day. Here are there responses. Madelyn Corrine said “I believe wearing a mask is essential to protecting others. People should be willing to wear them and consider those who live with older parents, grandparents, or siblings who are at a higher risk of getting sick”. Sophie Sholtis added “I think masks can pose a few struggles at first,  but over time I’ve gotten used to wearing them. The main point of wearing a mask is to protect yourself and others, so no matter how annoying it may be it’s worth it”.

Hagen Ladrew (senior)



Laytin Durgin (Senior)

 My second question which I’m sure is running through so many minds is do they feel prepared for college? Could they tour the college they want to attend? Lane Cole, a student who toured Troy over the summer, said “I was very excited to tour my first college campus. It was different than what I thought just because there were not a lot of people around. I was also limited the places I could see. That is totally understandable considering the circumstances. Before we entered we had to use hand sanitizer and put on mask. I was able to see the dining hall, fitness center, the dorms, and much more than I expected. It was a beautiful college. Although things are still a little different right now I feel that colleges are doing their best to keep our experiences just how it would be if we were not in this situation”. Sophie Sholtis added “I think the only way to be prepared for college is to tackle it head on. I have done my best to prepare myself in high school and I think it’s time to take that next step in becoming an adult. If I’m ready or not it’s about to happen”.

As of this 2020 school year juniors have been allowed to leave campus with the seniors. How do seniors feel about juniors leaving for lunch as well? Fairhope High school has had a tradition named ‘Senior privilege” since 2019. Senior privilege is when Seniors get to leave campus for lunch. This is something they have worked hard for and earned. As of this year, due to the pandemic, juniors are now allowed to leave for lunch. I was very interested to hear their responses. Isabel Segura explained “I don’t really think it’s fair considering how hard they were on some seniors last year about having senior privilege, but this year they let juniors go too. Good for the juniors but seniors earned that privilege by being seniors”. Olivia Corrine added “I do not mind that the juniors have senior privilege because it seems necessary due to social distancing and that students need to take their mask off to eat. The less kids at lunch at the school with their masks off then less people get infected with Covid.”


Pictured left to right-Keely Legerski, Sophie Sholtis, Madelyn Corrine, Lane Cole, Olivia Corrine, Isabel Segura,
Park Painter, Cyline Koen

Now on to a bigger question all students are wondering is what about the night juniors and seniors have dreamt about since being a freshman? Prom night! One of the most memorable nights of high school. It’s such an exciting event as well as a great experience. Prom is a bit away but honestly, who knows at this point? I asked seniors and juniors if they think prom should go on. Isabel Segura gave us a senior perspective saying “Maybe they can do separate proms for juniors and seniors so we can be socially distanced, but it’s hard to decide whether it should happen or not”. Meredith Lee gave me a junior perspective and said “I think that if it was managed properly, then yes. As long as people were distanced and masks were regulated”. Sounds like seniors are trying to make 2020-21 the best year regardless of any issues. Hopefully Covid-19 does not stand in the way of another fabulous senior year.