Faculty Spotlight: Elizabeth McGriff


Hallei Bellings, Internet Marketing student

Mrs. Elizabeth McGriff serves as the Journalism, Yearbook, English 9, and Honors English 9 teacher at Fairhope High School.  She has been teaching for three years at FHS. Mrs. McGriff graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX.

Although Mrs. McGriff was not  originally in a teaching profession, she states that she has “always been a teacher.”  In fact, her kids did virtual school and while helping her kids with their schoolwork, she found that she completely loved teaching virtually, and decided to go back to college at the age of 46.

After teaching virtually , Mrs. McGriff received a call from Mrs. Broughton, who informed her that Mrs. Caswell from Fairhope Intermediate was going to have a baby, and needed a long-term substitute. When she was asked to sub for the 5th grade class, she accepted.  Mrs. McGriff fell in love with teaching and decided to remain in the field permanently.  She was hired later that year at Fairhope High School. Mrs. McGriff stated that she was influenced to become a teacher by “being a parent.  The more I helped my children and taught my kids” the more she could fill in the blanks that the virtual teachers couldn’t.”

Mrs. McGriff compares her experience at FHS to other schools by saying  “I love this age group and having Freshmen.  I really like the culture of this group.  I love pep rallies, all the school events, being a sponsor of SGA, and there is an overall positive environment- from both students and staff.”

She has a wonderful husband, Kelly McGriff, who graduated from FHS, was the president of SGA, and  is now an attorney.   Mrs. McGriff enjoys spending time with her two kids, Pete & Camille, who both graduated from FHS, both in college, her cat,Betty, and her dog, Boogie.  In her spare time, she enjoys watercolor, sailing, going to the beach, perfecting her Spanish, sewing and knitting, cooking, making a cookbook for family, and graphic design .