Faculty Spotlight: Cody Rawlinson

Faculty Spotlight:  Cody Rawlinson

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Mr. Cody Rawlinson received his B.A. in Dance and Spanish from the University of Alabama and his M. Ed in Spanish from the University of South Alabama. He is a dance and Spanish teacher at Fairhope High School. He also sponsors Spanish Club, Diversity Club, and Spanish Honor Society and is the Artistic Director for Fairhope Dance Collective. Outside of FHS, Mr. Rawlinson is an Adjunct Professor of Spanish at the University of South Alabama. Mr. Rawlinson has been teaching for ten years, and eight of those years have been at Fairhope High School. Prior to teaching at FHS, Mr. Rawlinson taught at local dance studios in the Eastern Shore area. Mr. Rawlinson is married, and loves to spend his free time with his dog at the beach and watching Alabama football.