Faculty Spotlight: Mary Simpson


Hailei Bellings, Internet Marketing student

Mrs. Mary Simpson is the 9th grade honors biology teacher at Fairhope High School. This is Mrs. Simpson’s eighth year at Fairhope High School. Mrs. Simpson attended college at Jacksonville State University. Simpson has a wonderful husband, two children and four grandchildren. Her hobbies include traveling, riding bikes, playing golf, spending time with her family, and playing with her puppy. Mrs. Simpson says that she has had a “great experience” at Fairhope High School. “We have a good teacher family; We have a great student population.” “I enjoy introducing them into what high school is,” she said when speaking of her freshman classes. Mrs. Simpson enjoys teaching her classes using hands-on activities, collaboration, and “a lot of analogies,” so that students can learn better by relating what they are learning to something they’re familiar with. In the classroom, Simpson gives students time to ask questions, calls on students to keep them interacting with the information, and explains things out as her class takes notes.