Pinkalicious Mail

Lane Cole (12), Daisy Lewis (12), Greta Fritz (12)

Lane Cole (12), Daisy Lewis (12), Greta Fritz (12)

Josie Conway and Olivia Cole

Here at Fairhope High School we have many traditions– one of them happens to be painting our local post office. 

 For the past four years, juniors and seniors gathered for this event; however, due to decreased attendance caused by COVID, this year sophomores were allowed to participate. It started with the post office wanting a little decoration and to display breast cancer awareness. 

           The first year students started painting the windows and were given a personal lock box and key provided by the post office. With access to a lock box and key, the art club students were able to keep their supplies organized at the post office. The first year, students spent multiple days painting the windows.  However, Lynda Williams, a retired art teacher from Fairhope High School, stated, “After the first time we then started scheduling it for a one day field trip type event with 10 or more students”. 

Joe Solomon (10)
Greta Fritz (12)


    The theme the past four years has consistently been focused around breast cancer. Students can pick whichever colors they would like to paint with but the main color is pink. Kristy McClay, an art teacher at Fairhope High School, said “All three art teachers choose students based on respect, skill, and responsibility. One thing that makes it so wonderful doing this each year is seeing and meeting people in the community. I talked with a gentleman about his daughter presently fighting cancer. He shared her story and asked us to write her name on the window as he comes to the post office daily and would like a reminder of her.”  It’s a wonderful, positive tradition Fairhope High School hopes to continue!



Alex Nugent (12)