U.S. Wildfires

Josie Conway , Reporter

The most active wildfire season on record is the year 2020. This years wildfire season started on July 24, while the peak is usually in August and within the past seven years, the season typically dies down anywhere from October through December. Majority of these wildfires start from heat waves with a dry climate, the weather, accidental sparks from human activity; however, the years biggest fire started with a lightening storm striking down on Califorina. Consequently, California made up the majority of the fire activity, with its wildfires burning 4.2 million acres of land, along with thousands of homes. The other top two wildfire activity states were Oregon, with 1 million acres burned, and Colorado, with 700,000 acres burned.

As of December 11, 2020, there are still 871 active wildfires across the United States. Skies in some of these places have turned organe due to the smoke and ash produced by fire lingering in the air, allowing the suns colored wavelengths to extend beyond average.

Unfortunately, as of today, the fires occurring nationwide have killed more than 40 individuals and destroyed 13,887 buildings. There have been countless amounts of fundraisers, social media posts, news segments, and campaigns in order to raise awareness and money to help the victims and help repair damages done to buildings and the forests. Although there have been thousands of people who have fallen victim to the wildfires this year, they are still managing to prevail and any amount of awareness you can raise or any amount you can donate can help fix a victims life.

NASA Terra and Aqua satellite data