The Reality of Virtual


Olivia Cole, Reporter

As of January 5th 2020 Fairhope High school decided to give virtual a shot again. We knew this was coming; we just didn’t know when. It has affected each and everyone of us in a specific way. Students are doing Google meets wherever they can just to get some peace and quiet. Teachers have had to take their kids to school all week and manage two classes at once. Parents have had to learn how to become a teacher and keep the house quiet. It’s something everyone has to adapt to. 

I talked to a couple of students to see their point of views. Lane Cole (12) stated “I miss seeing my friends face to face. Google meets are not difficult. I personally feel 50/50 about them. I do not like having my face shown close to the camera. It is just different I guess. However I do like having a little more freedom with time”. Callie Martin (10) added “Yes it’s more difficult to focus and be motivated to do your work. I also feel teachers are giving more work than usual because they think we have more time, but we don’t”. Izzy Segura (12) shared her thoughts as well on Google meets. She stated “Google meets are actually pretty easy, but if my internet connection goes out then my whole day education gets ruined. I would rather go to school just because it’s hard to deal with the internet sometimes”. 

I spoke with a teacher who is currently teaching in an empty classroom with just her and her two daughters. Mrs.Weeks has said “YES! It is very challenging because their work, questions, and energy is constant. For example, even while trying to answer these questions, I had to stop my train of thought and read an article about traffic patterns and help answer. It’s mentally exhausting. HOWEVER, with all that said I have LOVED spending time with my babies”. 

I also spoke with the mother of a senior, sophomore and 4th grader on what her thoughts were. Nicki Cole responded with “I have enjoyed having my kids at home and watching them learn. At times it can be challenging with dogs barking and work men going in and out. My husband is at home working as well so space is a bit of an issue. I have definitely had to teach myself patience with trying to teach my 4th grader”.

Now you have a background scoop of what it’s really like. It’s been challenging for everyone, and definitely something different. As you can tell I think we are all ready to get back to our second home.