Jobs that Work for You: Publix

Ellery Scott, Reporter

Get a scholarship while getting paid!

Did you know that you can help improve your college fund, get paid, and have fun all while wearing a green apron? Publix did.

Publix not only provides jobs but also helps certain students with their future in academics. Individual courses, occupational or technical programs, and undergraduate programs can all be covered by Publix’s academic scholarship. Publix will reimburse $3,200 every school year, up to a $12,800 maximum limit in tuition for any 4-year university. They will also pay $1,700 a year and $3,400 overall for any two-year school or community college. We learned on their website that “Publix does not limit participation to full-time associates. Any associate with six months of continuous service who works an average of 10 hours a week is eligible to participate with his or her manager’s approval.”  Therefore, working a few days a week after school is a step further towards a college education.

The Pirateer spoke to Judson Gardner, a sophomore at Fairhope High School, who has worked at Publix for eight months. Gardner stated “I started during quarantine. On days I have school, I typically work five hours (from four to eight P.M.). I work at least four days a week and Publix treats their associates very well by paying well and being very helpful.” He also added that, “The managers are very genuine and happy to be there” and that it is an “overall great job.”

You can apply for a position on the Publix website or at a store near you!