Natalie Bohorquez, Reporter

For as long as we can remember, we proceeded to have our standard lockdown drills. The office staff would come on the announcements and say something similar to, ¨this is a lockdown drill, lock all the doors and turn off the lights.¨ There were doubts about this; how would this be realistic in an emergency? 

On January 5th, Fairhope became the first Baldwin county school to install CENTEGIX. The school has made many practice runs to ensure that the system is functioning correctly. ¨The first test run was super new and alarming; suddenly, you see a flashing light on the ceiling in class. No one was on the announcements because the system itself came on to tell us what to do,¨ said Keidi Gomez (grade 10). 

There are different flashing light colors for each situation:

Red- Lockdown 

Blue- Weather 

Green- all-clear and medical emergencies 

White- Evacuation 

Yellow- Soft Lockdown 

What is CENTEGIX? 

A system that helps ensure safety and security will empower the teacher and staff to react immediately, discreetly, and confidently when an incident happens.

On January 5th, you could say security doubled as teachers and staff got cards. These cards have a button on the back that allows you to call the alarm for different emergencies. One example would be tapping on the button a few times in case of a medical emergency in class. As soon as a teacher taps the button, all teachers, staff, and medics get word immediately and get an exact pinpoint on where you are. The security cards can also work for lockdowns if a teacher sees a threat.  Principal Jon Cardwell says,¨This is another tool at our school about student and staff safety. Everyone thinks this will be used for a major emergency. However, it is mostly going to be used for minor safety such as medical emergencies, to save time.”