Local COVID-19 Rises

Olivia Cole, reporter

    COVID-19 has been a new crazy addition to all of our lives. It has affected each and every one of us in a way, especially Baldwin County. As of January 25, 2020, Baldwin County has 17,256 cases with 189 deaths. As you see below we have drastically risen since May. In May we had a very low amount of cases, then came in hot in the month of January.

            There are 67 counties in Alabama, Baldwin County is ranked the 6th highest. The daily positive test rate is 14.2, but Baldwin County has limited tests. So most cases go undiscovered. As a county, we need to work together to save our schools, stores, and local friends and family. We can all help to end this by wearing our masks, washing our hands, and social distancing the best we can. It may not be your favorite thing to do but think about our county and your old loved ones.

How To Help

Wear your mask

Social Distance

Shop local

Limit your in-person interactions