A Musical Mind: Chandler Little


Ellery Scott, reporter

What do music, passion, and determination all have in common? They are all traits of sophomore and IB student, Chandler Little.

Part of what makes Fairhope High School and its community so special is the music. Nothing beats hearing the band roar at a Friday night football game or music flooding from a musician playing downtown. We interviewed Chandler Little, an accomplished young student at FHS with many musical talents, to ask her a few questions about her journey.

Chandler has been playing the flute for a total of five years and started in sixth grade at her middle school in Florida. She has been a part of the Fairhope High School Buccaneer Band for two years and plays the flute and piccolo. When asked about her biggest musical accomplishment, she responded that it was “making the FHS wind ensemble this year, which is the top band at our school.” In order to be placed in this prestigious band, all students must audition with a “solo performance of specific audition material,” which must blow the overseers away. Chandler did just that.

We asked what her favorite thing about being in the band was and she responded with marching season. “I was disappointed that it wasn’t quite the same due to Covid, but I’m hoping that we’ll be able to put on a great show next year.”

Chandler not only shines at FHS but outside of it as well. She was one of the few talented students to be selected for the all-county band. “(Honor band) was a little different than past years since the audition was virtual… I was a little nervous about that,” Chandler told the Pirateer. “I ended up making the sixth chair in the county. Honor band itself was a great experience. We had two days of rehearsal and played a concert consisting of five different pieces last Friday night.” She also added that “our guest conductor was the director of the Mississippi State Band. It was a challenging but fun process and I feel like I learned a lot from it.”

Chandler has accomplished much in just 16 years and we’re very excited to see where her music will take her next!