FCCLA Wrap Up: We are all a Part of The Pirate Family.

Natalie Bohorquez, Reporter

Fccla presents a week to show that we are all apart of the pirate community and spreading the love, we hope you all enjoyed the week and the photo wrap-ups.

On Monday, we made a large family tree in the hallway in order to show our unity and that we are all a part of the PIRATE family.

On Tuesday, students were asked to dress up in their interview best to show professionalism and determination.

Wednesday, mints were passed out with compliMINTS during your lunch period, to remind you that ¨you are MEANT to be a part of our community.

Thursday, we invited all faculty members to Mrs. Chambers room for a banana split or ice cream sundae. FCCLA goes bananas over you!


Friday, we encouraged everyone to wear BLUE to symbolize LOYALTY and show school spirit.

FCCLA also passed out roses for the people that have ordered them for their secret valentines!