Jenni Guerry Photography

Josie Conway, reporter

Interested in photography? How to start and be successful in the field?

I got to speak to Jenni Guerry, one of the most well-known photographers on the gulf coast, and learn about her experience as a photographer. Here is what she had to say about photography.

“Photography has been a wonderful creative outlet that has connected me with so many amazing people.  For as long as I can remember, I have had a camera in my hand.  I received my first camera when I was about 8 years old.  For each Christmas following, I always asked for a new, different, or better camera. …. and that is when my addiction began. Photography is incredibly challenging and rewarding at the same time.  As you learn more and grow your skills, you begin to realize the unlimited creative potential and it is only limited by your imagination.  Learning how to use light, manipulate camera settings to generate desired results and capture moments that your memory doesn’t have the capacity to retain is a powerful experience.  Photography has the unique capability to help people see the ordinary in an extraordinary way and spans all age and cultural groups.  With the advances of digital photography and immediate access to your images, creative expression has no limits! You can see immediate results, make adjustments and achieve your photographic vision.  Photography takes you on a journey and as your interests change, your photography changes with you.  You can adapt your style, your subjects, and have endless options for where photography may take you.  When a photograph evokes emotion, you know you have created something special.  Take a look @JenniGuerryPhotography on FB/IG for more examples of what inspires me.”

“I particularly love photographing people and their lifestyles.  I enjoy capturing people and helping them see just how beautiful they are.  No matter the individual, I find myself pouring over details and learning to appreciate every detail.  My favorite age group to work with is SENIORS!  I love incorporating personality, creativity, and fun into each session.   I also work with a publishing company and photograph for numerous magazines such as the Billfish Foundation, Mobile Big Game Fishing Club, and some local Chambers of Commerce.  My most recent magazine cover was the Coastal Lifestyle Magazine a few months ago.   I enjoy doing commercial work with The Wharf and provide coverage for events, parties, weddings, and such. I love meeting new people and networking.”

 “Photography has opened numerous doors, allowed me to open my own business, and create art that not only I can appreciate but share with countless others.  There is a tremendous opportunity for someone interested in photography to learn and grow their skillset.  Photography is not so much about the equipment, but the eye of the artist.  I encourage you to simply work with what equipment you have and learn every button and function. There is also a local camera club called the Eastern Shore Camera Club that meets locally each month.    There are numerous talented photographers in our local area.  This group has been an incredible influence as well as encouraging in my personal photographic journey.  They welcome all ages and skill levels as well as share tips and educational opportunities for anyone with a love and passion for photography.  The mentality among most photographers is “Community over competition”.  For aspiring photographers, I would recommend finding a reason to shoot every day.  Find something that interests you, inspires you, motivates you, moves you……and capture it.  As with anything else, practice makes all the difference.  One of the reasons that I love photography most is that even though there are “rules” of photography, rules can and should be broken.  Creativity is unlimited.  It’s invigorating and exciting to see something in a way that no one else sees but also capture it!”

“Currently, I am volunteering to capture amazing images for Fairhope Baseball.”

“Take a look on IG @fairhopebaseball_jguerryphoto for all the action. Sports photography is not only fun but it allows me to share the action and love of the game with the athletes.  Athletes are engrossed and focused on the game and rarely get to see themselves in action. I currently use a Canon 5D Mark IV camera with a variety of lenses.  This particular camera is incredibly fast for capturing action in a variety of settings but also offers hundreds of lens options based on your needs and goals.”

“If you have interest in learning more about Jenni Guerry Photography ( or building your skillset, please reach out.  I also enjoy sharing my knowledge with others.  Let’s connect.” 

Check out some of her work below!