The FHS 2021 Prom King and Queen Are…

The FHS 2021 Prom King and Queen Are...

Josie Conway, Reporter

Jaylin Bracy and Maryann Miller!

Every year Fairhope High seniors only vote on prom king and queen. This year history was made as Fairhope High had their first African American couple win. Jaylin and Maryann expressed what winning prom king and queen and what making history for Fairhope High School means to them.

Prom King Jaylin Bracy stated that ¨being able to win Prom King 2021 of Fairhope High School was so honorable to me. It was a very seizable moment for me because I had no idea so many people had love for me. Throughout my senior year, I always told myself to kill my fellow peers with kindness no matter what and it totally paid off in the end. When Coach Berry paused for that long second, my nerves were terrible, but as soon as he announced my name and I heard the crowd go happily insane, the feeling of shock took over my body and I could do nothing but drop my jaw and freeze! I could not believe he had said my name. I always used to have mixed emotions about Fairhope High School, but ever since winning king on prom night, Fairhope has extremely shown me where my home will always be!¨

Prom Queen Maryann Miller exclaimed, ¨if I’m being honest I didn’t really think I would win, but boy was I shocked when Coach Berry called my name. The anticipation was the worst part because he took FOREVER to announce the queen. I was have been on the homecoming court every year since I was a freshman and when the time came to announce homecoming queen, I didn’t get it. I was happy to be selected by my peers to get another chance to become a queen. That night I made history by becoming Fairhope High’s first black prom queen and it felt amazing. Prom was a night to remember and a memory that I will cherish the rest of my life knowing I made history at Fairhope High School.”

We are so proud of Jaylin and Maryann for making history at Fairhope High School and for being amazing students and citizens. Congratulations to the 2021 prom court and the King and Queen!