The Meteoric Rise of Davis “Big D” Amare

Brad Hoover, Reporter

With the election coming to a close, it is safe to say that many are not surprised by the results.  Running with a juggernaut campaign and humorous signs, Davis Amare has taken the presidential campaign in a landslide. As a Pirateer reporter, I was able to interview him before his victory. He cited his love for candy and the senior class as his reasons for running. During my interview, Davis appeared confident in his abilities to lead. “Big D” promised to be viable and lenient.

His administration decided upon a “senior field day” as its first goal. Many were not opposed to this idea due to the fact it would be a great sendoff for the senior class and a fun experience. Davis has toyed with the idea of Slip n Slides to be at this event along with other Olympic-style games. The sky seems to be the limit in the Fairhopian oval office. Here at the Pirateer, we wish Davis the best of luck and hope for a great year!