Are Phones Really A Distraction?

Abigail E. Barlow, Reporter

What is society like today? Why do we rely so much on technology rather than anything else?

Research from Harvard University shows that in one college, over 92% of college students had been using their cell phones during class. In July of 2018, it was reported that France had wanted to ban students from using their cell phones while on school campuses. On October 30, 2018, the law was passed for students in kindergarten through 9th grade. Not only is cell phone usage happening globally, it is also interfering with our learning activities.

As a student myself; I am on my phone quite often. Music helps motivate me to get my work done, and I have a tendency to check my phone for text messages. However, it can also be the reason I procrastinate and fall behind. Some students find it better to have their phones out while learning and comprehend academic sessions better. When you are looking around a classroom, you can easily see how many other students are using their phones while a teacher is discussing a lesson. 

Two seniors at Fairhope High School were interviewed with some questions about their use of cell phones as follows: 

Do you think cell phones are distracting to us students?

“Not really, no. I think teachers are blowing it out of proportion.” – Brad Hoover (12)

“Yes, I am actually on my phone right now.” – Tatianna Rivera (12)

Do you work better with or without your phone?

“With. It gives me a distraction here and there. It gives me a small break while I am working.” – Brad Hoover (12)

“I work better with my phone!” – Tatianna Rivera (12)

How much time do you think you spend on your phone?

“Probably about 6 hours.” – Brad Hoover (12)

“At least 9 hours.” – Tatianna Rivera (12)

On average, how much time do you actually spend on your phone? (Screen Time hours)

“Let’s see here. Screen time says 13 and a half hours.” – Brad Hoover (12)

“So, when I checked it said I am down 14% from last week! It says 5 hours and 56 minutes.” – Tatianna Rivera (12)


What do you think of cell phone usage in school? Imagine life without cell phones, do you think learning would be easier than it is now? What about the new law with France; were they right for banning cell phones during school hours? Lastly, for my fellow students, how much time do you spend on your phone?