The Inside Scoop: Our Thriving Theater Program

Home of the Pineapple!


Anna Lisa Wiggins

One of the most entertaining and influential outlets of FHS is the Theater Program run by Hannah Rogers. In my interview with Keira Lynch, student director of Murder on the Orient Express (the program’s next upcoming play), and Hannah Rogers I asked them one of the most coveted questions everyone wants to know– How did the theater’s pineapple mascot come to be? Mrs. Rogers explained how she inherited the pineapple.  Katie Denton, a past theater teacher, was actually the one who founded the Pineapple. Four years ago, Mrs. Denton was shopping in a Walmart the night before the program’s very first Trumbauer Competition when she saw the pineapple sitting in a place it didn’t belong. It was stuck between the TVs and Mrs. Denton took it upon herself to give it a home. It became a symbol of the program’s hospitality and finding where you belong when you’re not where you’re supposed to be. One of their favorite memories is when they incorporated the pineapple into the tile on the floor set of Les Miserables.

Make sure to look for the hidden pineapple in their upcoming play!


One of Mrs. Roger’s favorite traditions that she inherited is a Hype Huddle where they quote “Take pains, be perfect, adieu.” They do it before every competition and show to get themselves hyped up before the performance. One of her favorite traditions Mrs. Roger’s started is Senior Letters. She usually reads them their collective note the night before the show or the last day of tech week that usually leaves the whole Theater Program in tears according to Keira. 

After this interview with the leaders of the Theater Program, it’s obvious what a close-knit and emotionally strong group Theater really is. Theater not only puts hours and hours of repetition and practice into their shows, they also pour their hearts and souls into every production. Every single one of the members of Theater love the production they are in and don’t see it as a chore, they see it as a chance to express themselves and do what they love, for the sake of the pineapple.

You can click this link so see FHS Theater’s upcoming play!