Update: Corona Virus Closing Schools

Case death in Pensacola…

Friday, March 13

Earlier this week news stations reported that the Santa Rosa (Pensacola) County Corona Virus victim died on March 5th after a long battle stuck in quarantine. The elderly victim had a history of traveling and pre-existing health issues. He had just arrived back from an international trip which is what raised the red flags in the first place. After his death, 2 new cases have been reported in Broward County and a new victim tested positive in Lee County. There are still no reported cases in Alabama and Mississippi thankfully! Although there was a group of church members from 3 Circle Church in our hometown of Fairhope that were quarantined in a Bethlehem hotel. A victim of the Coronavirus was found in the hotel and all of the hotel employees tested positive but the church group was released a couple days ago.


Another precaution that the US has taken– many of the schools across the country are issuing warnings and closing down for a weeks or months to come. Schools in Seattle have closed permanently until further noticed along with universities in California and New York. The Ivy League Institutions are the newest to announce they are closing schools. Harvard, Vanderbilt, Fordham and Cornell are among the colleges that have shut down all student functions and urged students to find elsewhere to stay.  Many universities have issued mandates that students move out within a matter of days as the situation progresses.

Click: A list of more closed universities 


Seniors Check Your Admitted/Intended University’s Website for More Specific Information on How They Are Handling COVID-19