Pete McGriff


We are so proud of you!  From that first reluctant day at the K-1 Center, you have been a friend and a leader. 

I remember teachers telling me that you hung up friend’s coats when they couldn’t reach the peg (you were always tall) and how you were so worried when your classmate was allergic to peanuts–”Mom, I think we might be better off if I just ran Tommy to Thomas Hospital.”  You got in the car singing about the “Cha, cha, chalaza” when Mrs. Sumlin taught you about the parts of an egg.  You taught yourself to whistle, then opened the whole talent show in 2nd grade by whistling the “Star Spangled Banner” and even Mrs. Kiki exclaimed “He was on pitch!”  Your kindness and individuality lead you to excel in everything you tried- and your accomplishments have been great. Sailing in the U21 World Championship and swimming your fastest 50 free in the state meet were highlights, but I think if we asked, you might be proudest of being chosen Most School Spirit- an honor that shows your goodness and willingness to celebrate others.  Wherever you go, what you have learned and practiced at FHS will serve you well and help you be a blessing to others.  We love you!! Mom, Dad, and Camille