Patten Trotter


We are incredibly proud of you! And truthfully, it’s hard to believe our oldest is now graduating! As a young student, you were the most talkative, the kid who sat in the front and raised your hand with every answer, and also the first one to help out a confused classmate. You have always pushed yourself in the classroom and it was always a competition for grades (or AR reading points) with your closest buddies!
We recognized early on that tennis was your sport- an individual sport where you won and lost on your own. Your focus and determination on the tennis courts was like in the classroom- persevere and “never give up”!   Playing #2 on the FHS varsity tennis team starting in 7th grade was not a surprise to us or your tennis family! You are a kind person to everyone you meet and such a loyal friend. I think some of your best high school memories would be getting pulled out of class by Mr. Caldwell and Mr. Howell to play a “friendly” game of ping-pong…. and whipping them 99% of the time! One of the things we are most proud of is your humility. You are smart, talented, athletic, but most of all humble.  Never wanting attention on yourself, and even downplaying the fact that you were voted Mr. Fairhope High School- an honor probably most important to you, as it was voted on by your peers. Although your senior year was cut short and not how we imagined, we know your next path in life will be every bit as successful as before. We couldn’t be more proud of who you are. And we think you are the best son and brother in the entire world!! We love you!!! Mom, Dad, May May and Stephen