Keeping busy…. Anna Bowler Conyers tours Sand Diego, California.
Keeping busy…. Anna Bowler Conyers tours Sand Diego, California.

Student Anna Bowler Conyers’s contributes to her community

January 9, 2023

A Student Who Does It All: Anna Bowler Conyers

by Abigail Dasinger and Julia Vesterlund, reporters

FAIRHOPE, Ala. -Most high school juniors would admit they struggle with time management, but junior Anna Bowler Conyers involves herself in extra-curricular activities, sports and clubs while still managing her time wisely.

Conyers participates in Advanced Placement classes and is involved in multiple clubs at school. Additionally, she involves herself in her faith and in sports. 

“Faith is 100% the most important thing in my life. I truly could not imagine my life without Jesus… Jesus has given me the strength and confidence to be myself,” Conyers said.

Conyers is a girls Bible study member, a member of the Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce Youth Leadership Program, attends the St. James Episcopal Church and serves as a junior counselor at Camp Beckwith. 

Anna Bowler Conyers and Stella Sheldon make the Junior homecoming Court on October 21, 2022.
Pretty in blue… Anna Bowler Conyers and Stella Sheldon match dress colors as they represent the junior class on the homecoming court.

“I serve as a leader/mentor in young girls’ Christian faith,” Conyers said. “I feel like a lot of teens struggle with confidence due to self-comparison and society’s standards.”

Her work with teens allows her to address this societal issue.

Conyers is a member of the 30+ club, Key club, National Honors Society, National Spanish Honors Society, Mu Alpha Theta Honors Society, Advanced Placement Classes, vice president of the Spanish club and is the SGA Publicity Chair. In addition, the student body elected her as a 2022 Junior Homecoming Court member.

“I am so thankful I was able to experience Homecoming Court! It was such a fun time and I loved seeing all my past teachers,” Conyers said.

Conyers is on the varsity cross-country team and is a member of the Fairhope Dance Collective. She recently placed 11th in this year’s AHSAA Sectional XC Meet. 

An athlete and active leader in school, Conyers also played two roles in this year’s “The Nutcracker” play. 

“I [played] the Sugar Plum Fairy and the Snow Queen. It’s not an award but an achievement,” Conyers said.

Anna Bowler Conyers run for the State Cross Country Championship on November 5, 2022.
Run AB run… Anna Bowler Conyers dashes by friends and family while competing in the Cross County Championship.

She has spent 13 years dancing and loves every bit of it.

“I love dancing because it allows me to be creative and express myself… Dance is one of the most important things in my life,” Conyers said. 

With so much on her plate, many wonder how Conyers keeps up with it all. Fairhope Dance Collective Artistic Director, Cody Rawlinson believes that it is her time management skills that allow her to “do so much.”

Conyers says that even though balancing all of her activities can be hard, she loves doing it. 

“Anna Bowler is very goal-oriented and motivated to get her work done,” said friend and fellow junior Belle Sansom. “She is really good at managing her time and holding herself accountable.”

Although someone with little free time to spare, Conyers makes sure to spend it with the people she cares about. 

Wikipedia defines a Renaissance Woman as a person with many talents or areas of knowledge, often being intelligent, gifted in the arts and well-liked. Anna Bowler Conyers embodies all of these traits and displays excellence in anything she puts her mind to. Fairhope High School is proud to have a student like Conyers.

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