Silence…the peaceful moments at the bay are enjoyed by all. Photo by Sydney Estes.
Silence…the peaceful moments at the bay are enjoyed by all. Photo by Sydney Estes.

Grounding in the earth proven essential

January 30, 2023

Scientific benefits, student appreciation of grounding

Most people today live with their body mostly disconnected from the earth and are unaware of the impact this has on their well-being. Earthing, the process of placing one’s bare feet on the top of the ground–whether that be on grass, dirt or sand–balances and evenly distributes the electrons throughout the body (Heathline: Grounding: Exploring Earthing Science and the Benefits Behind It). 

Humans are made of 99% of all sorts of elements including oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, calcium, phosphorus and many more. According to chemistry elements have specific properties, especially their charges, that cause them to attract and gather or repel in certain circumstances more than others.

Sophomore Jillian Surla has noticed a difference when she isolates herself from the outdoors for too long.

Furry friends love the water… Layla showcases her love of Fairhope’s magnificent view of Mobile Bay while grounding on the sand. Photo by Sydney Estes.

“I feel very unhealthy and weary,” Surla said.

Both the earth’s electric charge from its magnetic field ( and the man-made electric environment expose people to electric charges every day. Earth’s magnetic field stabilizes the body by balancing and resynchronizing the electrons with the unrefined flow that is best and most biologically normal to humans as creatures in nature. The distribution of electrons and electron stimulation causes blood flow to change. This affects the brain, hormone health, healing functions, level of inflammation, sleep, stress, and many other operations in the anatomy. ( Effect of Electrical Stimulation on Blood Flow Velocity and Vessel Size)

There are profits of synchronizing the body with its most natural, raw, innate, and mammalian rhythm: sleep improves, pain lessens, and stress decreases (Earthing: Health Implications of Reconnecting the Human Body to the Earth’s Surface Electrons). This has to do with electron stabilitzation’s effect on balancing hormones.

Sophomore Myiah Goines observes how being outdoors improves her well-being.

“Walking and meditating outdoors causes my thoughts to be more clear and I become relaxed,” Goines said.

Sophomore Sydney Estes enjoys camping and spending time outdoors on the weekends with her dad. “It’s like my energy level is more constant and less up and down.” She continues to explain how her liveliness when being outdoors is different and more sustaining than other ways to increase energy, her Redbull.

Before all human civilization, people are creations of nature, and this fact is often disregarded in modern civilization.

River Lotus, yoga instructor and behaviorist, has lived in Bali and India. While serving and exposing herself to a variety of cultures, she learned about Eastern beliefs on health as a balance with the environment, and how the universe is always flowing and cycling in a meaningful way. Grounding is one of the many ways to unite the body, soul, and mind with each other and with a bigger meaning.

Image shows circulation improvement and decreased inflammation before and after grounding for four nights. Photo taken from Medical Thermography Case Studies.

Because of the scientifically proven benefits of earthing, Fairhope is veracious and faithful to prioritize maintaining beautiful grassy parks. Many people are beginning to understand the true effects of grounding, not just the hippies, and medical research is taking place every day.

The Earthing Institute, Australian Earthing Specialists, and Integrative and lifestyle medicine strategies should include Earthing (grounding): Review of research evidence and clinical observations are just so

me of the countless examples of resources–organizations, medical journals, and scientists–devoted to spreading awareness and gaining knowledge of the valuable life changes from earthing.

Personally, I have noticed that grounding causes my everyday life to become more clear, and I can mindfully be in the present moment. My brain is no longer juggling a dozen ideas, thoughts, or tasks having to do with the past and future.

This cannot be scientifically explained, but once I feel the change that connecting my body with nature causes, I  view everything from a different perspective.

The moral of the story is that electrons circulate through the body, and become more balanced and in sync with what is best for the body the more earthing is experienced (Can electrons act as antioxidants?). Without frequent grounding experiences, the electrons become unevenly distributed and cause problems. 

The science behind grounding, just like the influence of drinking plenty of water, grows every day. There is even an American Indian legend that believes the reason white men are crazy is because they separate themselves from the earth by wearing shoes(American Indian Myths and Legends).

Obviously, standing barefoot on the earth for long periods of time is not always realistic, but any time given to earthing will undoubtedly improve one’s life. 

Taking just ten minutes daily to stand in my front yard adds value and appreciation to the other 24 hours and 45 minutes of my day.

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