Varsity tennis meets their match

April 3, 2023

Time for Daphne to walk the plank

By Florence Beasley, Reporter

FAIRHOPE, Ala. -As varsity tennis competes this season, there’s a lot on the player’s minds for the home match against Daphne.

With Daphne being Fairhope’s rival in any sport, this encourages players to give it their all while also having good sportsmanship.

Junior Claudia Catar learns that competing strengthens her to adjust her game against different opponents.

“From a young age, I’ve always been competitive. But, I have always been humble and learned to win and lose gracefully,” Catar said.

With a sport that involves teamwork, certain routines, and lots of practice, Sophomore A.C. Ahrendt, has been on her “A-game” while training for big matches like these.

Dressed in white… the girls take a quick break during practice. Photo by Henry Wilson.

“I feel good playing, every time my teammate Bonnie Bailey and I play doubles, we learn a new skill or tactic about playing or our teamwork,” Ahdrent said.

Ahdrent has been playing tennis since she was 11 and recently picked it back up this past summer. It’s her first year on the Fairhope team.

“Over the season I have learned that the most important thing is to just be genuine to yourself and kind and play your best, most focused, game,” Ahdrent said.

Tennis is a mental sport and requires a good mindset, especially when playing against a rival school.

Junior Anna Calzetta knows how to lift herself up if she ever gets down on herself during a match.

“I really get down on myself, especially if I know I can win, but tennis is such a mental sport. You have to stay at peace and not get too frustrated because it will ruin your game,” Calzetta said.

The atmosphere in a competitive match can be suspenseful and sometimes throw the players off a little bit, which can cause them to not give their best.

Even after winning a match, players feel like there are still things they could improve on.

“I wanted to improve my mindset, it really gets me once I get behind. I take it seriously sometimes, I can smile more,” Calzetta said.

After a competitive match, Fairhope won the home match 7-2 with lots of celebrations going around.

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