Requirements necessary for senior privilege

April 3, 2023

How to get senior privilege

by Will Allison, reporter

FAIRHOPE, Ala.–Senior privilege allows seniors to leave for lunch during their 30-minute study hall and lunch wave, which totals around 58 minutes. At this time, they are allowed to leave the school campus, however, they must return to school in time for class.

Juniors will also have the privilege for the rest of the school year starting April 3, regardless of whether they meet the requirements for senior lunch privilege. Having junior lunch privileges does not guarantee they will have senior lunch privilege next year. Juniors will still need to meet the requirements for senior privilege in order to have it senior year.

In order to have senior privilege, a student must “have earned a College and Career Readiness checkmark,” according to Principal Jon Cardwell. A CCRS check mark can be earned by bench marking at least one portion of the ACT. This means getting an 18 or higher on ACT English, a 22 or higher on ACT reading and ACT math or a 23 or higher on ACT science.

A helping hand… Assistant Principle John Helms is in charge of senior privilege and assists students with any questions they might have. Photo by Will Allison

A CCRS checkmark can also be earned by scoring a three or higher on an AP exam, scoring a four or higher on an IB exam, having a college or post-secondary credit, enlisting in the military or having a Career Technical Credential. It can also be earned by having at least a silver certificate in ACT WorkKeys, as well as a score of at least four on Applied Math, Reading for Information, and Locating Information, or at least a four on Applied Math, Graphic Literacy and Workplace Documents.

For a test score, a student or school report is required as evidence. Similarly, a college or post-secondary credit will require a student’s official or unofficial transcript. Enlisting in the military requires an official letter from the recruiter stating the student has enlisted and a copy of the student’s DD Form 4.

If a student cannot get a CCRS check, there is still hope.

“Any student who doesn’t earn a CCRS is not eligible for senior privilege. However, I do work with students who are trying to achieve them to his or her best effort and just can’t get it. I reward them for their hard work and effort,“ Cardwell said.

Senior privilege can be taken away for a variety of reasons. Cardwell reserves the right to revoke it due to tardies, absences, discipline, grades or any time a senior loses focus on what FHS expects of them. Although he rarely has to revoke it from someone, “Cardwell giveth and Cardwell can taketh away.”

Cardwell said advantages of senior privilege include “lunch off campus with friends, a long enough time for a solid nap and it just breaks up the day.” Conversely, the disadvantages are that “it can get expensive, they might have to fight the urge not to return, traffic can get pretty stupid and lunch spots are crowded,” Cardwell said.

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