Students show their hard work and value of knowledge by participating in Scholars’ Bowl. Photo taken by Jillian Surla.
Students show their hard work and value of knowledge by participating in Scholars’ Bowl. Photo taken by Jillian Surla.

Scholars’ Bowl forms dynamic individuals

February 8, 2023

Who, What, When , Where, Why… Buzz!

By A.C. Ahrendt and Jillian Surla, reporters

Answering questions and competing, Scholars’ Bowl proves to be a marvelous way for students to grow their skills and themselves. This club involves scholarly students competing against other scholarly students by answering questions about almost every subject under the sun. Some high school students can’t imagine signing up for a club about academics, but members of Scholars’ Bowl are emphatic about learning and gaining as much knowledge as they can.

“I really enjoy being in Scholars’ Bowl,” said four-year Scholars’ Bowl competitor Meredith Bates.

Hmm… Scholars’ Bowl members ponder their responses to a question. Photo by Melissa Jones.

Scholars’ Bowl does more than enhance the intellect of members. Involvement improves social skills, instills confidence, establishes friendships and forms well-rounded individuals.

“It helps me improve my lackluster social skills while testing some of my knowledge,” said senior Scholars’ Bowl member Ryder Wilkins.

Scholars’ Bowl competitions and practices grow participants’ confidence when they buzz in their answers immediately. When they are the first to hit their buzzer and answer the question correctly, they are boosted with a sense of accomplishment and confidence. 

“It helps me work on being confident in what I know since hesitating even for a moment can lose the point,” Bates said.

Timed and in the zone, Scholars’ Bowl promotes critical thinking skills and quick-witted minds. The members need to listen closely to the question and answer it correctly before anyone else.

Another four-year senior Scholars’ Bowl member Giovanni Nudo recognizes the quickness required with being a competitor.

“There are times when you have to be very cautious. I’ll feel like I should have buzzed in but I didn’t and so I missed it. You get really into it. I especially love the great questions that really get my thinking going,” Nudo said.

The members study many different subjects, so they are known to be versatile. Sponsors and members agree that the club makes quick-thinking and upstanding individuals.

“It definitely makes you well-rounded,” Nudo said.

Scholars’ Bowl is like a family and forms lovely friendships that could la

Do I know?! What is it?!… Scholars’ Bowl members practice for competition. Photo by Melissa Jones.

st a lifetime. Their teammates all share the same interests, so they are able to click easily. Some have even formed close relationships with their teachers and sponsors. 

I like being able to come back and see Mrs. Mahone and Mrs. Jones,” Bates said.

The previous Scholars’ Bowl sponsor Melissa Jones, who is more like a family member, loves the special dedication of the kids. She finds that each one of the members is an outstanding student and individual.

 “The students are passionate and amaze me with their knowledge! I love the level of cognitive demand our kids compete at!” Jones said.

The club is about academics, so it would be natural to assume it can’t be fun. But the members disagree. Some members, like Nudo, have enjoyed it so much that they have stayed for all four of their years in high school. It really is an enjoyable experience.

“I could really just say all of our practices are my favorite, those are always a blast. There is no way to express the amount of fun it is,” Wilkins said.

Overall, this competitive and intellectual club is a good way for students to get involved in school and nurture their skills and natural talents.

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