School announces midterm schedule, procedures


William Allison, reporter

Everything students need to know about midterm exam week

by Will Allison, reporter

FAIRHOPE, Ala.–Midterm exams are a requirement for students to take at the end of the first semester. These exams are worth 5% of students’ semester grades. Unlike finals, no exemptions are granted.

Midterms will begin the week of December 12. The exam for each class will take place during that class on the specified day unless an individual teacher says otherwise.

On Monday, students will take their first period exam, third period exam, and seventh period exam. All other classes will carry on like normal, so students should only check out if absolutely necessary.

On Tuesday, students will take their second and fourth period exams.

On Wednesday, they’ll have fifth and sixth period exams.

Students are allowed to check out once they’re finished taking exams on Tuesday and Wednesday. Checking out these days will not count toward students’ nine parent excuses; however, they will need a parent-signed note to check out.

After completing their exam in class, students will need to fill out the sign-out sheet given by their teachers and present a parent-signed note. This method is being used to reduce traffic in the office as well as to maintain noise in the hallways.

Thursday and Friday are the scheduled makeup days for any missed midterms. If students haven’t missed any exams, they don’t need to come to school, won’t need to present an excuse and will not be marked absent.

In an email to parents, students and faculty, Principal Jon Cardwell assured all stakeholders that “Perfect Attendance is not affected by an absence this week.”

If a student’s exams for Tuesday or Wednesday are meant to be done outside of class or they don’t have an exam in one of those classes, they can discuss with teachers if attendance in that class is still necessary.

If students don’t need to be present for any exams on Tuesday or Wednesday, they are not required to attend in person.