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High school is by far one of the most impacting experiences in one’s life, and our mission for The Pirateer is to create a spot where those experiences are highlighted and put on display in order to keep memories that will last a lifetime. Our Newspaper is of the students, by the students, and for the students of Fairhope High school, and each section holds something that makes Fairhope High school so special.


News: This is where we share constant updates on what is happening in our community and in the world around us. Sometimes when we see whats going on in the world around, it can change our entire perspective on life.  Knowing how and why our world is functioning the way it is RIGHT NOW makes us a lot more knowledgeable about how we might be able to change is for the future .


Events :Staying up-to-date on all that happens in our busy school is so important, and here on the FHS Pirateer we want to provide easy access for our students to get involved. Whether it is a Friday night football game or a Chorus concert we want our newspaper to be a spot where those events are posted. There’s a wide range of extracurriculars available at our high school, from sports to Student Council and each individual club brings something special.Our mission is to provide students with an inside look at clubs you can get involved with ,in order to make the best high school experience possible.  


Culture: Here we will report on what is happening in all the many different areas, such as athletics and specialty clubs like Debate, Robotics, Fine Arts, Theatre, and more.  Fairhope encourages student-led organizations and opportunities, welcoming new ideas for clubs and supporting students who wish to pioneer new things in school, and if our long list of clubs does not meet your interest don’t be afraid to bring any ideas to one of our amazing teachers.  


“The walls of a school should reflect a future possibility. The halls should honor dreams. The Rooms to help prepare for them.” – Heather Wolpert-Gawron  


Sports: Athletics is a big part of our school bringing people together who otherwise might not interact, and providing opportunities not available outside of school.  It is our job to provide scores for the most recent sport events and updates on Pre-game events such as homecoming, pep rallies, and parades designed to rally our school together.  Our student section here at Fairhope High School is full of so much pride, whether a rainy Friday night football game, or a long trip to support the basketball team in Montgomery- Fairhope students stop at nothing in order to show their support.


Opinion: Our opinion tab is where we publish new stories, and polls for students to get involved. Whether it is a favorite school lunch , or a favorite song, our polls are created to keep students engaged in what’s going on through the crowded halls of our school in a fun and interactive way!


Our hope is that the FHS Pirateer can help students engage in school activities and promote pirate pride. 


¨Make it a great day or not the choice is yours, Have a great day and  Go Pirates!¨ 

                                    -Fairhope Morning Announcements 

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