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The Student News Site of Fairhope High School

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The Student News Site of Fairhope High School

The Pirateer

Helping Hands… Makaila Robinson and Kayliegh Sprute collect tubs for the Environmental Club’s recycling project. The Club spent one afternoon each month of the school year collecting bins.

Students should contribute to the community

Haley Gunther, reporter May 15, 2024

by Haley Gunther, reporter Students should contribute to the community by seeking volunteer opportunities. Colleges like to see that students are helping out local communities compared to working a job....

Education online… A young student learns from a screen. Online learning impacted students’ ability to retain information.

Is online learning effective?

Riley Wootten, reporter April 2, 2024

by Riley Wootten, reporter Online learning has grown popular since COVID-19 hit the US, forcing kids worldwide to finish their school year online. Today, many students are actively part of online learning,...

Learning Languages… Students that take foreign language electives are positively benefited and exposed to new cultures and languages.

Students should take a foreign language in high school

Gioia Calzetta, reporter March 20, 2024

by Gioia Calzetta, reporter. Foreign languages are difficult to learn. It can take years to master another language, even with frequent practice. Even though learning a second language is challenging,...

Loving the Lambo… Texas running back Bijan Robinson shows off his sixth NIL deal with Lamborghini Austin.

NIL should not be induced in NCAA sports

Madeline Piazza, reporter March 6, 2024

The Price of Paying by Madeline Piazza, reporter As the debate around Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) rights in NCAA sports continues to heat up, it’s crucial to take a step back and consider the potential...

Warm up wonders… Lillian Moreno exercises and gets fit doing push ups. Push ups increased her core strength and defined her arm muscles.

Working out increases overall health

Haley Gunther, reporter February 29, 2024

by Haley Gunther, reporter People should work out more instead of lying around increasing health issues.Working out improves the body. By working out bones and muscles increasingly get stronger and reduce...

Pink Products… Items such as lipstick and perfume have unnecessary taxes. Photo by Grace Xu/The Varsity.

Pink Tax unjustly upcharges women

Ellie Boyer, reporter February 26, 2024

by Ellie Boyer, reporter How can a simple color affect a life? Pink Tax is a tax placed on women’s products, causing women to pay more for everyday items. This tax is unfair in today’s society.  Hannah...

Stressed about the test… Students become more anxious as they don’t know what answer to pick on their test. They walked away from the test rethinking everything that they did wrong. Photo by collegeprep.uworld

Academic performance extends beyond test scores

Ann Clark-Smurda, reporter January 30, 2024

by Ann Clark-Smurda Students' grades should resemble more of what they know and understand, not what they memorize.  In a world focused on academic performance, it's time to reconsider the emphasis...

Students learn in a comfortable environment. Looping has improved students’ educational outcome. Photo taken from Rockefeller Institute of Government

Looping benefits education

Riley Wootten, reporter January 30, 2024

Where friendship and education intertwine by Riley Wootten, reporter The Looping Process is an important method of education and should be applied to more schools. Students transition through 28 to 32...

A delightful indulgence... Olivia Gates enjoys reading her book.

Reading promotes healthier mind

Presley Hughes, reporter January 30, 2024

A beneficial hobby by Presley Hughes, reporter Whether it’s fiction, historical or fantasy, students of all ages benefit from reading in their spare time. Reading will do various things for students...

Fridays off… Four day school weeks prove to be more beneficial for students overall according to three national studies. Photo by

Why school weeks should last four days

Gioia Calzetta, reporter January 25, 2024

by Gioia Calzetta, reporter Four-day school weeks should be implemented into public school systems. An article published on titled “Four Day School Week Overview” promotes the beneficial...

Relaxing read… Home-schooled sophomore Jill Cotten kicks back her feet as she reads in the Fairhope Public Library. After a day of volunteering, she wanted to unwind with a book.

Creative hobbies improve young minds

Jillian Surla, editor-in-chief January 22, 2024

A perfect pastime by Jillian Surla, editor-in-chief Whether it be painting, photography or pottery, students should indulge in hobbies outside of school or extracurriculars. The reason for this is simple:...

Officer Miller helps maintain a safe environment for students and teachers.

Alabama gun laws need revising

Abigail Dasinger, Student reporter April 28, 2023

Lessons, testing and follow-up needed for gun owners. by Abigail Dasinger, reporter Students and parents in America are facing a pressing issue, and that is gun violence. Students all around America...

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