Summer school offers options


Anna Hardy is the coordinator for summer school and is willing to help students with questions. Picture By Will Allison.

William Allison, reporter

Option available to students for three purposes

by William Allison, reporter

Summer school will start the first week of June and will last from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. each day Monday through Thursday. Summer school only ends once the student completes the course.

All course work is done through Access, which is through Troy university. The assignments, lessons and tests are all uploaded to Access by the teachers at Troy. All tests must be completed on campus, but other course work can be done at home.

Counselor Cammie Adams said  summer school has three purposes.

¨It is intended for students who have either failed a course that is required for their diploma, students who have previously failed a course and need to catch up in order to stay on track, or students who have requested to take a course over the summer for other reasons,¨ Adams said.

To Adams, summer school would be difficult because she is not an online learner. She believes students who feel they struggle with online learning should try to avoid taking summer school.

“There is a very strict attendance policy,” Adams said. ¨ Attendance for summer school is kept track of and enforced by Anna Hardy.”  Adams said  Hardy is the coordinator and overseer for summer school, so if students have any questions they should ask her.

According to Adams, summer school normally costs $300 for a full-credit class and $150 for a half-credit class. However,  this year it’s free for students who need to retake a class because they failed it, yet that may not be the case in the future.

In order to enroll, students should contact Anna Hardy either on campus or through email at [email protected].