Fridays off… Four day school weeks prove to be more beneficial for students overall according to three national studies. Photo by
Fridays off… Four day school weeks prove to be more beneficial for students overall according to three national studies. Photo by

Why school weeks should last four days

by Gioia Calzetta, reporter

Four-day school weeks should be implemented into public school systems. An article published on titled “Four Day School Week Overview” promotes the beneficial aspects of a shortened school week, like “[improved] cost savings, improved student attendance, and increased teacher morale,” ( Therefore, school districts should cancel school on Fridays. 

Shortening the school week would allow student athletes to have more time to recover from practices and games, as well as have time to make up any work they missed during the week. 

As a student athlete, I find it difficult to come home from a long game, especially if it’s an away game, and have to do hours of homework before I can take a shower and eat dinner. My teammates experience a similar struggle with being able to balance schoolwork, daily practices and games twice a week. 

If school were Monday to Thursday, then students involved in athletics would be given another coveted day to relax and catch up on schoolwork. 

Students would benefit from an extra day off to mentally relax and take a break, which would be especially beneficial to athletes. 

As stated in the article “Why Scrapping Friday classes could lead to a better student experience,” four-day weeks would be more beneficial for students because it would provide a “productive environment” and “[increase] students mental health.”

As a high school student, an extra mental health day would be beneficial because it would give me time to take a mental break, which would help me focus more during school hours. 

The amount of information I learn during a school week can be overwhelming, and shortening the school week would help me be able to process and apply the information in a more efficient way. 

As stated in “The Four-Day School Week: Are the Pros Worth the Cons?” parents, teachers and students agreed that a four day week helped boost school morale. 

By improving school morale, students would feel more motivated to attend school and put effort into classes and schoolwork. 

 A four day school week would also give working parents a break from having to drop their children off at school, which could relieve some stress for them. 

In an article published on, four day school weeks “allow teachers, students, and parents time to recover from the general stresses of school” ( 

A shortened school week would help motivate students to attend and participate in class, as well as help alleviate the stress that comes with a five day school week for both students and parents.

Overall, a four day school week would give students and student athletes the ability to take a break from the rigors of schoolwork and practice and have a mental day to relax and prepare for weekend activities and upcoming school projects.

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