Pink Products… Items such as lipstick and perfume have unnecessary taxes. Photo by Grace Xu/The Varsity.
Pink Products… Items such as lipstick and perfume have unnecessary taxes. Photo by Grace Xu/The Varsity.

Pink Tax unjustly upcharges women

by Ellie Boyer, reporter

How can a simple color affect a life? Pink Tax is a tax placed on women’s products, causing women to pay more for everyday items. This tax is unfair in today’s society. 

Hannah Haley, news editor of the University of Indianapolis student publication, The Reflector, argues most women do not know what Pink Tax is because of insufficient education. After discussing with adults and peers, most people–both men and women–have confirmed that they have not heard of Pink Tax and do not know how damaging it is. 

The main issue is that women are paying more money for products. From grocery stores to insurance companies, Pink Tax is up-charging items targeted toward women. This is unjust because it takes gender-neutral products, such as razors and soap, and turns them into female and male products. 

According to a New York City Department of Consumer Affairs (NYCDA) sample, women pay “13% more for personal care products and 8% more for clothing.” The study also shows how pink products–such as razors, soap and kids’ toys- are twice as likely to be priced higher than men’s products (NYCDA).

While Pink Tax may be more noticeable on women’s products, it also charges an unfair amount for necessary services, such as insurance. 

Kimberly Lankford, editor of U.S. News, said that not only are women’s goods more expensive than the average man’s, but so are their financial services such as disability insurance. Similarly, a study done by researchers at the University of Central Florida concluded that women pay “around 90% more for dry cleaning compared to men” (Duesterhaus). 

In addition to affecting women’s products, Pink Tax negatively affects a child’s life. 

Young girls’ toys and clothes cost 4% to 7% more compared to young boys (NYCDA). Four percent may seem small when buying one item, but it can equal around $1300 yearly (Lankford). 

While it is not well-known, Pink Tax up-charges women an avoidable amount for basic and necessary items. Pink Tax is unfair, unjust and unnecessary.

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