Traditional Mexican food meets top-tier quality

Traditional Mexican food meets top-tier quality

by Riley Wootten, reporter

I walked into Agave and was prepared to eat at another average Mexican restaurant. It is safe to say that Agave served me some of the best Mexican food I’ve ever had.  

My two friends and I decided we wanted some Mexican food last Friday. We arrived at Agave around 6:30 P.M. and were greeted by the hostess and our waitress. We were seated immediately despite how busy it was. Our waitress did not engage in conversation but did a great job at taking our orders and bringing our food quickly. Our booth, adorned with individual lighting, was positioned next to a Mexican-themed wall. Lively Mexican music played in the background of the decorated restaurant. The atmosphere allowed us to relax and enjoy the setting and food. Agave’s seating capacity leaves a short wait even for people arriving at rush hour. Just after we were seated, our waitress immediately brought the complimentary chips and salsa and took our drink orders. We ordered a large queso that was brought in fewer than five minutes. Agave without a doubt serves some of the best queso ever, as it is not too heavy on the cheese but has just the right amount of flavor and perfect temperature. 

Let’s taco bout it. Agave offers options for tacos, but I wanted to try something different. I chose the street tacos with cilantro, onions, steak and a soft shell. The menu listed an option for two tacos, a la carte, or four with rice and beans. I chose the two-taco option to start. I will not lie; I doubted this taco would taste as good as my normal choice, an enchilada. I was completely wrong. The seasoned steak and the fresh cilantro and onions created a delicious taste.  The taco came with tomatillo sauce on the side, giving an option for that spicy flavor. I started with two tacos, but they were so delicious I ordered two more. The shells were firm, not flimsy, and allowed me to enjoy every last bite. My friends agreed and enjoyed their food just as much as I. We finished all of our meals and were full by the end of the night. 

Our service was great. Our server was a little awkward but still super friendly. She seemed new yet still did a great job of taking care of our orders. One thing I noticed was that she wrote our orders down on a notepad unlike some of the other servers. This made me feel secure that I would be served the correct food and gave me the feeling that she cared about getting it right. She made sure she had all orders written correctly. She brought the food no more than fifteen minutes later and had all of our orders correct. This was highly appreciated by our party as one of my friends had a few substitutions. The restaurant servers continually refilled our chips and drinks. They also did a great job of continuously checking up on us and making sure everything was good. Overall, the excellent service made the restaurant feel very comfortable and welcoming. 

Agave makes great food for a reasonable price. Two street tacos from the a la carte menu costs $9. A meal with four tacos, rice and beans costs $18. Overall, our meal, for three people, was around $49. They have less expensive options for only $4. Agave is a great, traditional Mexican restaurant serving inexpensive food with top-tier quality. 

Agave’s overall atmosphere creates a comfortable environment to enjoy. Their service is impeccable and the food is reasonably priced. I give Agave 5/5 stars, and I will definitely go back. 

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