Hot and ready… The tenderloin chicken salad wows customers with its appearance. It tastes even better than it looks.
Hot and ready… The tenderloin chicken salad wows customers with its appearance. It tastes even better than it looks.
Ellie Boyer

Mr. Spuds serves satisfaction

by Ellie Boyer, reporter

Can the South really bring a Southern meal to the table? Mr. Spuds went above and beyond when mixing Southern culture and hospitality within the restaurant industry. From mouth-watering seafood to classic Southern food, Mr. Spuds has something for everyone.

I’ve been to Mr. Spuds many times and was never in awe of their food. However, the warm southern environment kept me coming back hoping for more. Wanting to confirm my opinions on the restaurant, I asked my friend to join me for one more chance and was not disappointed. We arrived there at around 5:30 p.m., hoping to not hit the dinner rush. As we walked into the restaurant, we were immediately hit by the smell of home-cooked and fried food. Right by the door, a wooden box holds a baby possum plush, to trick customers if they look into the container. As my friend looked inside, the lid moved and made a loud noise to prank those nearby. Grinning from the prank, a hostess greeted us like a friend and walked us to our table. She gave us a spot with a beautiful view of a tree adorned with hanging lights inside. The tables were decorated with classic picnic-style tablecloths, with an appropriate array of condiments, seasonings and napkins.

A variety of options… Mr. Spuds’ menu gives customers a variety of seafood choices and platters for different occasions. (Ellie Boyer)

After being given the menu by the hostess, I marveled at their many different types of food to fit anyone’s desires. From “The Picky Sister” salads to “Fresh off the Boat” seafood, Mr. Spuds goes above and beyond to offer a variety of dishes to their customers. While I tried to decide between the classic cheeseburger or the intriguing tenderloin chicken salad, my friend ordered her meal. She chose the pineapple grilled chicken breast as her main meal, as well as the baked potato and homemade mac and cheese as sides. It also came with potato soup and a roll. After great consideration, I decided on the tenderloin salad. As the food runner walked towards us, I was happy with my decision. The blackened and sauced chicken was placed perfectly atop a full bed of lettuce and cheese. On the sides were ranch containers filled to the brim. As I took a bite, I couldn’t help but to be amazed. The hot grilled chicken complimented perfectly with the cold, crunchy lettuce. The added textural bonus of the soft cheese made the experience far better than I had anticipated. Plus, the side of ranch I ordered greatly enhanced the taste and added another pleasing texture to the meal. As for my friend’s meal, she described her grilled chicken as also having “lots of flavor” that mixed well with the pineapple on top. She said her baked potato was cooked to perfection and the mac and cheese tasted homemade as it melted in her mouth. 

The service was reasonable, though did not go above any standards. When our hostess first greeted us, she informed us that it was our server’s first day working. Though at first this made us uneasy, we quickly learned that she was both polite and attentive. To ensure adequate service, her manager helped her when needed. The manager showed our server how to take our order and made sure she was able to attend to us. Overall, I was left impressed by the restaurant’s dedication to introducing new members to their team. Additionally, as I talked amicably with the hostess when I walked in, I realized how the restaurant felt like a family; the pranks, the friendly conversations and the general warm, comfortable relationships between the staff all contributed to the idea.

When it came time to pay, my friend and I were impressed by the reasonable prices. The separate cost for both the tenderloin salad and the pineapple grilled chicken breast was $14.99. Had we combined the bill, it would have only been $30, which was perfect for the amount of food given. To add onto that, my friend and I walked out with a lot of leftovers for dinner.

From the mouth-watering food to the fun, friendly atmosphere, Mr. Spuds is the perfect example of what makes the South as charming as it is. Their environment keeps customers wanting to come back, but it’s the food that makes Mr. Spuds special. This amazing restaurant received a 5/5 star rating from me and can expect to see me again soon.

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