Parents, seniors come together for Casino Night

Parents, seniors come together for Casino Night

FAIRHOPE, Ala. — Seniors and parents will gather at Oak Hollow Farms on May 9. The event is free for graduating seniors. Doors open at 6 p.m. for sponsors and students of sponsors, and 7 p.m. for remaining seniors. Seniors attend Casino night to experience the fun of playing games and eating together.

Parents who elected to sponsor the event paid $200. Over 50 parents paid for sponsorships. All the money goes to the cost of the event and gifts. Students of sponsors may arrive at 6 p.m. and will experience early access to the gambling tables and extra poker chips. 

“There will be gaming tables with [a] professional working them and some volunteers, seniors will be given chips for playing and at the end, seniors can trade their chips for prizes [like] Smart TVs, Futon, speakers, Dorm Fridge…,” said Jodi Traylor, coordinator.

Other students may arrive at 7 p.m.  There will be a police officer at the door with a list of student names. Students will receive a cup filled with poker chips and will have plenty of time to collect chips to win and bid on prizes. Pizza and snacks will be served at the event for seniors and parents.

Seniors will not be able to leave and re-enter Oak Hollow Farms once they enter the building. Seniors cannot bring friends, partners, pets or siblings.  For additional details go to the “Fairhope Seniors 2024 Casino Night” on Facebook. 

Seniors don’t miss out! Casino night is your last event with your school friends. You should attend and have a great time!


About Senior Casino Night
Casino Night continues to be a tradition for Fairhope High School seniors for over a decade—the event is open only for seniors to attend. Casino Night is not affiliated with Fairhope High School. Fairhope High School is not responsible for any part of the event or its participants.
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