In Memorium of Stacy Houston Forbess


Ellery Scott, reporter

Normally, when I’m writing an article, I’m writing from the perspective of The Pirateer. This article is different.

On Wednesday, August 11th, my beloved baton coach Stacy Houston Forbess passed away from complications of Covid-19. She was not only my baton coach but a role model and a second mom.

For more than 15 years, Stacy coached all members of the FHS Majorette Teams, as well as countless girls on her many competitive and school teams.

She had a light that was indescribable and a smile that would light up any room. She changed so many lives for the better and I believe that’s the way she should be remembered.

Many of Stacy’s students have gone on to twirl at the collegiate level including Mallory Reynier at Baylor, Molly Meilunas at Georgia Tech, and twirlers at Southern Miss and FSU.  Stacy was well respected at the national level as a coach, mentor, and friend.

She inspired us with her words and actions and never failed to put her faith in us. Without her, we would not be the confident young women that we are today. Without her, we would not be twirling fire at football games, making parents gasp, and children cheer. Without her, many little girls would not know the thrill of twirling and would not grow up to be champions.

We are better people for being coached, loved, and guided by Stacy.

In addition to countless twirlers throughout Baldwin County and beyond, Stacy leaves behind her husband Ed, son Trevor, daughter Taylor, step children, two precious grandchildren, as well as her dog, Trixie, and her cat, Jack.

Somehow, we just know that you are standing tall, smiling big, and twirling bigger in heaven.