The First Week

James Fincher, Staff Writer

The first week of school at Fairhope High is one of new beginnings. While only three days long, people of a wide variety are getting along. The newly built Freshman Academy seems to be the most important change here at Fairhope. Former eighth graders see a new world as they enter the somewhat intimidating school of upperclassmen. Even though they are the first to experience this new building, the students continue the cycle of high school that all must face. It is important to remember that people of all grades are facing new opportunities and challenges.

At Fairhope, the math classes continue to get more overwhelming; the English classes increase in reading level; the science classes become more involved, and the history classes become more relevant. Throughout the constant changes, great teachers will be there to help you learn and prepare for your future. Staff may come and go, but the school remains as the top in Baldwin County. As one may know, it’s important to keep a positive attitude and always do your best to reach out when in need of help.