The Music Mashup

Ellery Scott, reporter

Calling all music lovers – this is the article for you!

As I have gone through high school, there is one debate that keeps ongoing. It happens whenever I get into a friend’s car or go to their house. The argument of which music streaming service is the best. We’ve all had the struggle of using a different music app than our friends and having to listen to the dreaded radio. If there’s one thing that teenagers are known for, it is our blaring music.

The Pirateer took a pole amongst high schoolers of all ages, asking them what their favorite way to listen to music was. Here were the results: Out of 139 students, 64.7% percent of them like Spotify the best, 30.9% said Apple Music, 2.1% said Pandora, and 2.1% said SoundCloud.

When asked why they chose the streaming service that they did, most students said convenience. They like their preferred music app because it allows them to listen to songs, carefree.