What is the “devious lick” trend?

Meredith C. Lee, Reporter

There is a multitude of new restrictions FHS has instituted. One reason for this is the strange trend of “devious licks”.  A “devious lick” refers to a stolen device, object, etc. usually from school grounds.  Cause we teenagers cannot get any more bored, we have to steal from school for the purpose of TikTok likes. Many teachers around FHS have reported stolen desks, wall clocks, and room decorations. 

Screenshot from the deleted TikTok

The trend can be linked to when a TikToker posted a video of a seemingly stolen hand sanitizer dispenser from his school that said: “only a month into school and got this absolute devious licks.” The original TikTok has since been deleted, but the trend spread quickly. Usually, the video is shot from a simple 1st POV angle while the recorder feverishly attempts to open their book bag and pull out their stolen goods. 


Screenshot of a TikTok where teenagers attempted to steal a mirror

The trend is believed to be a late reaction to the almost post-pandemic world. 2020 had many people believing that this was the final straw of humanity and we have to all live to the fullest before it’s all over. So, now teens are acting out in a more outgoing and possibly destructive manner in response to the past year. TikTok’s went from showing students stealing low-budget items, such as scissors or paper, to now stealing projectors, microscopes, and intercom microphones. This trend has resulted in multiple arrests, because, obviously, if you post a video of you bragging about stealing something from school…I think you are 100% going to get caught. A student at a local high school was arrested for stealing a fire extinguisher.

Screenshot of a TikTok of a broken paper dispenser

Nine students were arrested for charges of vandalism from Marion Country Public Schools in north-central Florida for stealing hand-dryers, paper towel dispensers, and more. In Arizona, the Bullhead City Police Department arrested a 15-year-old student for stealing a toilet paper dispenser.

TikTok has taken multiple steps to remove these videos after Congress discussed the possibility of restricting the app as it is believed that the trend targets lower populated and low funded schools.