2021 Midterm Season!


Meredith C. Lee, Reporter

Midterm season is here! Are you ready? Midterms will officially start on Monday, December 13th, and will continue until Thursday, December 16th. That next Friday, December 17th, will be a make-up day. All FHS courses are required to have some form of an exam with no exemptions permitted. The Baldwin County Board of Education has given permission to allow free-campus entrances and exits. Students will be allowed to sign-out following their exam with a parent note each day given to the teacher organizing the exam. If a student does not have an exam one day, they are excused from absence for the day. All parent notes will not count against your designated 9 parent notes for the year. No phone or email check-outs will be permitted. A student must have a signed note or a guardian to check them out at the door. Be sure to check Google Classroom for any class you are going to miss just in case!

Happy Holidays!