Lined up… Archers line up to shoot at targets. The team practiced every Wednesday morning.
Lined up… Archers line up to shoot at targets. The team practiced every Wednesday morning.
Bridget Wiggins

Archery team places first in regional tournament

by Gioia Calzetta, reporter

FAIRHOPE, Ala. — The archery team traveled to Pike County on Wednesday, February 28, to compete in the regional tournament. The team, coached by middle school teacher Angela Boyer, placed first overall. 

High school students Nathan Wiggins, Ellie Boyer and Pierce Jones placed in the top three for their categories. Wiggins placed first for boys, Jones placed third for boys and Boyer placed second for girls.  

The team is currently preparing for the state tournament in Montgomery on April 4-5. 

“Every Wednesday morning before school starts, the archery team meets in the middle school gym to practice. This has helped me, as well as the rest of the team, prepare for our state tournament,” said sophomore shooter Abigail Turner.

“We mostly practice in the morning, starting at 10 feet, then 15, and [go] over basic rules. Mrs. Boyer gives us tips and helps where she sees fit,” said junior shooter Helayna Cameron.

Team members also practice on their own to improve and perfect their shots. 

“Sometimes when I have some spare time I will set up my target in my backyard and practice by myself,” Turner said. 

Preparing for the archery tournaments has not only helped the archers become better at their sport, but it has also helped them learn important life lessons.

“Archery has taught me a lot of discipline over the years. It’s constant learning and I will say that while it’s more relaxed than some sports are, it can be strict,” Cameron said.

“Through archery I have learned just how much hard work and dedication pays off,” Turner said. 

While archery is hard work and a lot of dedication, it provides the archers an opportunity to stay active and be involved in a high school sport. 

“Archery has probably been one of my favorite highschool adventures and captivates a lot of my energy. It’s one of the few activities that I do in school and actively want to participate in,” Cameron said. 

The archery team will continue to practice and prepare for the state tournament in April. The archery season will conclude after the state tournament. 

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