Coronavirus is a Real Concern


Is the coronavirus really the plague of 2020 or is it just a product of media hype?
HOW IT SPREADS– Coronavirus spreads person to person through respiratory fluids. Saliva or mucus from coughing or sneezing.

SYMPTOMS– Symptoms include dry cough and trouble breathing, largely a respiratory virus although some cases have reported gastrointestinal problems.

“Treat the coronavirus as we do the flu, with good handwashing, covering your cough and not sharing anything that carries respiratory fluids.”- Nurse Rencher
“ I think the coronavirus is very serious, especially for people with a depressed immune system, because they may not be able to fight off the virus. “-Nurse Rencher
“I’m trying to keep the kids HANDS OFF THE THINGS ON MY DESK.”-Nurse Rencher
“Keep your hands away from your face and if there is a possible immunization go ahead and do that.”-Nurse Johnson
“Take whatever medication is recommended by your healthcare professional.”-Nurse Johnson

At publication- the coronavirus has had 11 confirmed deaths in the US so far, and 164 confirmed cases. The people most at risk to die are people with pre-existing diseases such as autoimmune disorders. The majority of deaths have been male.

The Federal Reserve made an emergency interest cut bracing for the impact of the economic fallout the coronavirus is expected to bring. An emergency cut like this has not been made since 2008.

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