Food for thought... Chick Fil As expansive menu has food options for all. Whether someone is craving meat, greens or sweets, Chick Fil A has a meal ready.
Food for thought… Chick Fil A’s expansive menu has food options for all. Whether someone is craving meat, greens or sweets, Chick Fil A has a meal ready.
Ann Clark-Smurda

Chick Fil A serves fast, easy classics

by Ann Clark-Smurda, reporter

Chick Fil A is a classic fast food destination for those looking for something quick and easy but also delicious. It is a typical stop for me, so my friends and I decided to go Wednesday night. 

We met at the Daphne location after soccer practice and before church, like we do every week at about 5:30. Normally around this hour it is packed inside, but this time it was a smaller crowd than normal. We walked immediately up to the server to place our order. I knew exactly what I wanted because it’s the same thing everytime. The server who took my order was very nice and started asking how my day had gone and what she could get me to eat. I ordered a regular Chicken sandwich, no pickles, with a side fry, side of mac and cheese and a medium Powerade. What would be a Chick Fil A trip without their Chick Fil A sauce?  Of course, I got two of those. 

As I waited for my friends to order, I got us a booth. Chick Fil A does a great job of cleaning booths in between customers as there was no leftover food from the people before us. I took a moment to look around at the ambiance the restaurant had set up which was really nothing more than their signature colors of red and flowers being scattered around on a few tables. 

My friends eventually sat down, and we waited for our food. Depending on the Chick Fil A location, the order to delivery time varies, and this time it was relatively fast. Our food arrived in about seven minutes. Mine came out first since I ordered first. I waited for my friend’s food to arrive, and then began to eat because I was starving. 

The chicken sandwich was not the best this time, and I’ve noticed with that location that the chicken seems to be very mediocre and not the normal delicious chicken that can be found at other locations. I then moved on to my favorite part of my meal, the mac and cheese. The mac and cheese was filled to the top of the container, and was overall delicious. The cheese had a creaminess to it and topped off with the best part, the crust- it was not dry at all. I cracked open my two sauce packets and began to dip my waffle fries into the sauce, avoiding every end fry I could find. The fries were salted perfectly and were very warm, so I could tell they just came out of the fryer, the way I like it. The portion of the fries was also filled to the top of the container which I appreciated. 

Throughout our meal one of the servers walked around with an extremely polite tone asking us if we needed anything else and if everything tasted good. Our response of course was, “Yes, everything is delicious.”

Overall Chick Fil A can never go wrong, especially for the price of the items. The total meal was $12.88, so I decided to go on the app and dissect how much each item costs. The meal of a sandwich, fries and a drink was $8.79 and the side mac and cheese was $4.09, so for a full meal with extra sides, it was under $13.

Chick Fil A will continue to get my business because it is an extremely fast and extremely easy way to have an enjoyable dinner. Overall, I would give Chick Fil A a 4.5/5 and will keep going there every Wednesday after practice and before church.  

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