Living in the moment… Sugarcane Jane performs original tracks. Songs can be purchased from their website.
Living in the moment… Sugarcane Jane performs original tracks. Songs can be purchased from their website.
Haley Gunther

Sugarcane Jane performs at The Book Cellar

by Haley Gunther, reporter

FAIRHOPE, Ala. — Anthony Crawford and Savana Lee also known as Sugarcane Jane performed at The Book Cellar on Friday night. It began at 6:30-8:30.

The Last Chord… Crawford and Lee play some songs from their album called “Ruffled Feathers.” The crowd cheered. (Haley Gunther)


“The intimacy of a place such as The Book Cellar is more about being recharged from the energy of a packed room, sometimes that is worth more than money,” Lee said.

It was Sugarcane Jane’s first time performing at The Book Cellar, although they both agree they would love to share their country and rock music more there.

“Anthony grew up in Birmingham. We met in Nashville where we discovered our parents lived 8 miles from each other [Lee] grew up [along the coast] graduating from Robertsdale High,” Lee Said.

Crawford and Lee have been together for over a decade; they met when Crawford was recording his tracks at Deepfield Studio. 

“We moved back to [Old Daphne] in 2008 and started Sugarcane Jane at that time,” Lee said.

From the age of 18 after graduating high school in Birmingham, Alabama, Crawford had been everywhere playing and touring with stars like Sonny James, Neil Young, then Steve Winwood, Vince Gill and Dwight Yoakam. Anthony went from Opryland to the Grand Ole Opry with Roy Acuff touring all around the world.

”I want to perform at the Ryman, Anthony’s performed all over the world with Rock stars from Madison Square Garden to Glastonbury Fest to Austin City Limits, Live Aid,” Lee said. “[Crawford] says he wants to perform at The Book Cellar again, It is a special place.”

Dynamic duet… Sugarcane Jane plays songs from their multiple albums. Taking a water break, people came up and talked to the artists.

An all time favorite memory of touring and performing for Lee was opening for Steve Winwood in Birmingham. 

“Anthony, performing on stage with Paul McCartney at Hyde Park with Neil Young,” Lee said. “He used to listen to his music all the time as a kid and then ended up being heavily involved with him.”

Anthony Crawford and Savana Lee both love playing songs that they had made together. Crawford’s favorite song to play is called Good Book Stories; it’s on Sugarcane Jane’s Ruffled Feathers album.

“[Lee’s favorite song to play is] called Try to Make it Look Like Me…my kids think I can rap with that one ha ha! It will be on our upcoming album.” 

Sugarcane Jane’s new album called BURN will be coming out on February 23, for more information their website is

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