Friday in Photos (Red Ribbon Week)

Abigail E. Barlow, Reporter

Pajama Day! (Monday)
Pajama Day (Monday)
Pajama Day! (Monday)
Pajama Day! (Monday)
2000´s Day! (Friday)
2000´s Day with Ms. Holt, Mrs. Rogers, and Mr. Rawlinson! (Friday)
2000´s Day with Ms. Holt´s 1st period! (Wednesday)
Halloween Day! (Thursday)
2000´s Day with some of the freshman! (Friday)
Halloween Day! (Thursday)
Halloween Day with Ms. Holt´s 1st Period! (Thursday)
Pep Rally! (Thursday)
Halloween/Costume Day with Mrs. Roger´s 1st Period! (Thursday)
Tie Dye Day with Ms. Holt´s 1st Period! (Tuesday)
Celebrity Day! (Wednesday) *Dressed up as a Coach*
Celebrity Day! (Wednesday) *Dressed as Chandler Bing and Taylor Swift*
Celebrity Day! (Wednesday) *Dressed as Maddie Ziegler, Abby Lee Miller, and Jojo Siwa*
Celebrity Day! (Wednesday) *Dressed as Selena Gomez, Billie Eilish, Jojo Siwa, and Maddie Ziegler*
Celebrity Day with some of Coach Agee´s 1st period! (Wednesday)
Celebrity Day dressed up as Kim K. and Kanye West!
Celebrity Day dressed as Britney Spears! (Wednesday)