Senior students rival teachers in annual basketball game


5,6,7,8…Fairhope dance collective energetically perform for the half time show.

Mackenzie Hartzog, reporter

Student, teacher basketball game

by Mackenzie Hartzog, reporter

FAIRHOPE, Ala.–The Fairhope High School senior students and participating faculty members competed in an annual rivalry. The atmosphere within the gymnasium was highly intense as the loser, the teachers, had to kiss a live pig!  Hosted by SGA members, non-perishable food items were collected as tickets to the game to contribute to the canned food drive.

Hunter Hughes, the senior class vice president, prepared the students and also coached them throughout the game. Meeting weeks beforehand, Hughes and the teachers came up with ideas to make the game entertaining while also selecting people for the roster that would be lively for the crowd. 

“We decided to allow students into the game if they brought a can, to help contribute to the can drive that is taking place at our school,” Hughes said.

Senior students warm up to compete in the heated game with teachers. Photo by Abigail Dasinger.

Football coach Vaughn Maceina participated in the game. He has participated in all the past student-teacher games and was eager for this year’s senior class. 

“I was looking forward to fouling every single player that came in the paint,” Maceina said.

Student-athlete Qualin McCants on the senior team was ready to play against his past teachers and was expecting to win. 

“I am an athlete and expect to win because they have not played in years,” McCants said. 

With weeks of preparation, the crowd was destined to be entertained. 

“I prepared by talking mad smack to all of the players throughout the week,”  Maceina said.

Going back and forth, the students ultimately won the game 45-44, leaving Cardwell forced to kneel on the ground and kiss the pig. With the crowd’s excitement, the students poured onto the court to watch the moment. Vice principal Wilson was forced to calm the crowd down as the nervous pig crept into the gymnasium. Cardwell kissed the pig, as agreed, and the students were hysterical.

The dynamic between the senior students and the faculty gave a competitive, fun and energetic environment for the students watching.