New Hope for a COVID-Free World

Photo by Pixabay

Photo by Pixabay

Ellery Scott

Although many of us have gotten used to living in a new world filled with COVID-19, there might be a solution on the horizon!

A new light has been shone on COVID-19, one that provides hope for the pandemic. Two vaccines were approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and were rolled out in mid-December to healthcare workers, first responders, and nursing home residents.

One of the new vaccines, created by pharmaceutical company Moderna, has been popular among the first wave of vaccine participants. The mRNA vaccine is given through two shots in the upper arm adminstered twenty-eight days apart. It’s recommended for ages eighteen and older. (All information can be found on The CDC Website.)

We reached out to Patricia Partin, an insurance specialist in Lexington, Kentucky, one of the first to receive the Moderna vaccine, to ask her about the experience.

We asked her about who was on the 1A and 1B lists that were set to get the vaccine first. “From what I have been told, 1A is first responders and healthcare workers. 1B is long term healthcare workers and patients. I work in a dental office and was notified by my local health department that I was eligible to get the vaccine,” Partin replied. We also wanted to know if she felt that the vaccine was safe to get. “I feel that the vaccine is safe,” stated Partin. “There have been thousands of hours of research, development, and studies done on it, and I felt the risks of getting the vaccine versus getting Covid was a no brainer.”

Did Partin have any side effects from the vaccine or was she negatively affected? Partin stated that “The only side effect (she) had was some itching and redness on day eight after receiving the vaccine. This went away after taking two doses of Benadryl.”

Lastly, we wanted to know if there are any unknowns that people should know before getting the vaccine. “I believe that there have not been clinical trials done on pregnant women. The risk of side effects, I believe, could be greater in those who suffer from allergies,” replied Partin.

We also spoke to Glenda Johnson, a nurse here at Fairhope High School. She gave us more understanding into the vaccine and its requirements. “Phase 1 vaccines have been allocated for essential workers (ie. doctors, nurses, 1st responders and law enforcement),” stated Nurse Johnson. “Phase 2 Distribution includes Phase 1 recipients but has been expanded to include:  persons age 75 and older. Phase 2b will expand Phases 1 and 2 to include the education sector (ie. teachers and support staff, postal service workers and other public service members). Phase 2c will include persons aged 65-74 and possibly persons aged 16-64. These phases are generally dependent upon the manufacturer and number of persons vaccinated due to the requirement of a 2nd vaccination.”

Are people experiencing any unknown side effects from the Moderna vaccine? “There are not may side effects associated with receiving the vaccine. Most people have reported soreness  and redness at the injection site with minor swelling,” replied Johnson.

Johnson also added that “Persons receiving the vaccine should always be mindful of any sensitivity to the vaccine,  any allergic reactions, minor or severe (anaphylaxis). Nausea, vomiting, dizziness, shortness of breath, wheezing, increased heart rate, decreased blood pressure, hives, itching, face and throat swelling can all be indicators to sensitivity or allergy to the vaccine.”

Will this be the beginning of a new COVID free 2021? The world is waiting to find out.